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 This CD features percussionist Jerry Leduff, Kenny Burch (bass), Steven Schuetz (Keyboards), Nicholas Pena (brass& woodwinds), Julian VanSlyke (drums), and David Staub (guitar). Together they are called "Orange Lake Drive." Their music is a mixture of Jazz, Fusion, and world. Pure listening pleasure. Recorded by Bullydog Studios.

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Herb MetoyerWell…. Here I Am Again,

It has been almost forty years since I recorded my last album for Verve/Folkways. I waited a long time, hoping folk music would resurface again. Well… I’ve about run out of time and I feel as if I should make my move. The problem is… I have amassed a ton of music over the years and it would require over five CD’s to showcase what I have accumulated.

Although the acoustic guitar is my favorite instrument, I have augmented my arrangements with synthesized music. The subjects of my music, however, are still clearly representative of the Folk genre. I love to write about people, news, and situations I have encountered or bore witness to in my lifetime. “Ole July,” for example, is a song about a homeless street singer in New Orleans. And since I am a Creole, I also included a couple of Creole songs.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the selections I chose for this initial CD.

Thanks for your support, And Thanks to my sons, Herbert, III & Angelo who played backup guitar for me.

Herb Metoyer.


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1. Ain't Nothing Right 2. Ole July 3. Brave Men 4. Black Gal
5. Comme Sa Va 6. Two Lost Children 7. Alberta Easter 8. September 11 Blues

9. Louisiana Fitenite

10. North From Idaho

11. Going To Cane River

12. Lord, Here I Am Again

   © 2003 Herb Metoyer Music (BMI)  This CD produced by: Cane River Media/Music, Southfield, MI  Email: crcadmin@CaneRiver


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    This album was originally recorded by MGM's Verve/Folkways in 1966.  I was a helicopter pilot with the US Army at the time. Not long after this album was released, I was promoted to Major. And... shortly after that, I was ordered to curtail my music career because such activities were not becoming of a Field Grade Officer. I had a family with five kids to support so I let the music go until after I retired from the military. The album, of course, is no longer available except through several companies who specialize in out of print old albums.

    This CD is a remix with added musical accompaniments. The lady on the cover with me is my wife, Gerri.



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It’s a Long Ways Down That Road

I May Be Gone Tomorrow

Come and Sit Beside Me (For My Mother) You But The Reason
I Guess You’d Better Leave It Like That Five Questions
Her Man Black (Crazy Georgia) Lie Down Young Woman (Viola Liuzzo’s Song. Written in tribute to a young civil rights worker from Detroit, Mi who was killed in Alabama)

Written & Composed by Herbert Metoyer (BMI)    This CD was remixed by Cane River Media, Southfield, MI


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