Louisiana Creole Heritage Center A site devoted the preservation of the Creole heritage. Maintains a database.
St Augustine Church Fair Food, Games, Turkey Shoot, Motorcycle Run, Dance
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The Ancestry Library is the best collection of family history how-to and genealogy learning materials on the Internet.
Natchitoches Net / Official Online City Guide Live cam, shopping, lodging, business guide, maps, parks, events, attractions, tourist guide, demographics, real estate, etc.
Cane River Creole National Historical Park Cane River National Heritage Area. The park includes 42 acres of Oakland Plantation and 18 acres of Magnolia Plantation outbuildings.
Cane River Trading Company is incorporated as non-profit This website is for the descendants of CoinCoin and Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer and for the descendants of Carroll Jones and Catherine Clifton. It is also for anyone with a Cane River Creole heritage.
French Creoles A very informative site w/history, photos, music, etc We highly recommend this site!!!
The Beauty of Cane River Lake The Beauty of Cane River Lake portrays a natural habitat in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana through photography, art and web design.
Creole Culture Fashions Clothing & apparel promoting the Creole Culture
America's Creole Heritage In early 19th-century New Orleans, the term Creole was a way that these "born in the colony" cultural groups differentiated themselves from the many Americans who settled in the city after the Louisiana Purchase.  In rural Southwestern Louisiana, a blending of French, African, and Caribbean cultures was considered Creole.
Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture (EOCC) The Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture (EOCC) exists for the purpose of preserving and promoting Cajun culture, and for disseminating accurate information about Cajun culture for educational purposes
Funding Louisiana Folklife Projects If you would like information about funding a folklife project that would happen in Louisiana, the Division of the Arts supports folklife through its Project Assistance Program, Arts in Education Program, Folklife Apprenticeship Program, Artist Fellowship Program
Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana by Maida Owens when one examines the storytelling traditions of an entire state, it is important to understand the cultures within the state and how they relate to each other. This is particularly true of Louisiana.
Reclaiming the Past *** Louisiana Native Americans Seek Federal Recognition


Editor's note: Four of the five state-recognized tribes are the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb and Zwolle, Louisiana Band of Choctaw found in East Baton Rouge Parish and scattered around the state, Clifton Choctaw of the Clifton community near Gardner and Caddo-Adai of Robeline. The fifth tribe, United Houmas Nation, will be featured on June 23. Most of the five state-recognized groups are going through the lengthy process of applying for federal recognition as sovereign tribes. Seeking state recognition as a tribe is the Apalachee group near Alexandria
Cajun/Zydeco Dance & Music Community A Collection of Interesting Articles A Collection of Interesting Articles for the Cajun/Zydeco Dance & Music Community Extensive Award Winning Cajun/Zydeco site for Information, Schedules, Bands & Artists, Writings, World-wide Festivals & Events, 
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The Natchitoches Times Newspaper
Northwestern State University University
Gens de Couleur Creole history, Genealogy, Photos, Music, Products, Chat room
Family Search  How to start your Family History.  Search for your ancestors in our vast record collections. Get step-by-step research guidance on searching for your ancestors. View maps, forms, guides, and other research.
Genealogy Family Tree Help, Large data base, US Census Data Base, Lots of tips
Association For The Preservation of Historic Natchitoches Welcome to the Official Websites for Melrose Plantation & Kate Chopin House
Springfed Arts-

Metro Detroit Poets & Writers organization. Focus on education, contests and forums. Sponsors nationally known poets & authors appearances.
M. L. Liebler Website for Professor M. L. Liebler, nationally known performance poet. Site includes Bio, Photos, appearances, books and Cd's.
KW Browser A useful browser that allow you to search this and other related sites
Las Vegas A Creole website
Advancing African / Moorish-American Studies The Nation of Moorish-Americans offers social services & political agency for advancing African-American studies, including: Moroccan American, black history, Missouri Compromise, Louisiana Purchase, slavery, and US treaties with Moorish-Americans. We highly recommend this site!!!

Queen Creole's

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Name:April Hall

Location:Houston, Texas, United States

Family Photos & Balthazar Family Reunion Info

Creole chat where the creoles go to chat

creole chat was started by christian white a descendent of the metoyer and vallien (texas way is valien) this page has good links to other sites ......etc just go and check it out
Louisiana Heritage Connection The goal of Louisiana Heritage Connection (LHC) is to
preserve past, present, and future history of our Creole
heritage.   The LHC website and newsletter will be a
connection and a source of personal stories, personal
contacts, news, events, and more.
LHC will also assist subscribers in the basics of genealogy
information and the basic "how to" begin tracing your
family tree.
Our motto is:
Creole Unity Now and Forever
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