Rev. Jasper Brossette (J.B.) Wilson Family

 (B.A., M.Th., D.D.) (1909-1982) Glenmora, LA.


       I still have a few pictures in one of daddy's photo albums that I keep.  There is a picture of his mother, Lucy Rachel, in the photo album also.  As soon as I pull the photo album out of a box I have it packed in from my move from Louisiana to Georgia, I will get them to you.  Most of all, I would appreciate it if you would be able to put daddy's picture there because he loved Cane River, talked about it often and carried me there two or three times a year, especially during the Christmas holidays, to take his mother's only surviving sister gifts.  I didn't not know my grandmother Lucy, but daddy took me to Cane River to see his Aunt all of the time, as well as an uncle who lived in Alexandria.
      I still remember the uncle shooting the TV with his shotgun the night Jimmy Davis won the Louisiana governorship AGAIN.  You remember the Louisiana governor who recorded the song, "You Are My Sunshine?"  Uncle was so angry when he saw Jimmy Davis' picture on KALB TV announcing that he had won again, he got his shotgun and shot the TV.  I remember going with daddy to Sears in Alexandria and buying his uncle another TV set.  I am LOL as I reminisce about this.  (Smile)
       I remember daddy telling me how he was an altar boy at St. Augustine.  My daddy spoke Latin, the original language that the Mass was given in, fluently.  I guess that is why he was such a wonderful Bible Lecturer when he joined the Baptist Church at age 21.  He went to a revival with some of his Baptist friends and he told me that he heard my mother, Ruthie, sing and that was all it took to change his mind from being a priest. (Smile)  I used to enjoy him telling me how he met the mother I never knew...but I look just like her.  Maybe one day I will have an opportunity to tell you the whole story.
     I don't know if you remember my cousin, Henry Alexander Lezine or not.  He was the son of daddy's baby sister.  Daddy and Ruthie raised him until he was 15 and he stayed in the big white boarding house with Mrs. Florence Benson and went to school in Oakdale for two or three years because Glenmora did not have a high school for Blacks during the 1940s.
    ANYWAY, let me get off of this computer and stop reminiscing.  I don't have too many relatives to talk with like this because I don't know many of my people. 
As soon as I am able to get some of the pictures out of daddy's photo album I have packed down somewhere I will get them to you.  Cuz, PLEASE take it easy and heal well.
Lots of huggggs to you and your family,
Ada Ruth
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