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DESCRIPTION: Hardback with colorful dust jacket. A photo album poetry book of Black Detroit from the 1930’s to 1950’s when "Paradise Valley" was one of the most prosperous Black business and entertainment districts in the country. This poetry book takes a nostalgic look back into Detroit’s past at a time when showgirls, tap dancers, and jazz greats took center stage. This book features more than 200 timeless photographs and the work of 56 poets.

AUTHOR: Detroit Black Writer’s Guild

Editor Herbert Metoyer

Cover design: Herbert Metoyer

Produced by Cane River Media

ISBN: 1-888754-02-8

Price $35.00 + ($3.00 Shipping)

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Cane River Media

25785 Catalina  

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   Natchitoches and Louisiana’s Timeless Cane River   

Photographs by Philip Gould

Text by Richard Seale, Robert DeBlieux, and

Harlan Mark Guidry

Introduction by Robert HarlingAUTHORS

Nestled on the banks of Louisiana’s Cane River and founded in 1714 as a French colonial settlement, Natchitoches (pronounced NAK-i-tush) boasts brick streets, venerable architecture, and a charming ambiance that draw visitors from around the world. Nearby, a magnificent plantation country and the Creole community of Isle Brevelle amplify the area’s allure. This stunning gallery of photographs by Philip Gould, along with edifying articles, documents the varying cultures of the Cane River region, one of the state’s oldest and most historically French areas.

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Food For The Spirit / A Black History Cookbook

The title says it all. This cookbook contain recipes passed down from the parents of the Writers Guild members. Intersperse are Black History tidbits of of well and lesser known persons who have helped to shape our culture.


Price: $10.00

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Cane River Media

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Conant Gardens

Another nostalgic look back into Detroit past. It contains old photographs, history and memoirs of persons who once comprised this affluent community.



Produced by Cane River Media

Cover design: Herbert Metoyer

Price: $35.00

To Order: Mail Check or money order to:

Cane River Media

25785 Catalina  

Southfield, MI 48075

Punkin & The Praying MantisWritten by Minnie A. Straughn, this book is a novel based on the story of the author’s childhood while living in the backwoods of Alabama in the “Iron Fists” of her step-father, a debauched country preacher, who abuses her and uses her for his own sexual gratification after accidentally killing her mother. It embodies the gamut of emotions, suspense, sex, sadness, joy, humor and triumph.

It is a macabre story of her life from age five to age eleven. It involves a number of burning issues ¾ domestic violence, murder, incest, and child abuse. She survived not one but all of these traumatizing ordeals before she was ten years old.

Many will wonder how she survived these unspeakable horrors. Others will wonder why she didn’t run away or seek help. Yet, you must realize that a seven-year-old child is not in control of its own life. They are only helpless beings; ill equipped, and yet shackled with the task of dealing with whatever hand fate has dealt to them. Before her mother was killed, she was raised to respect and obey adults without question, and without contest. As a result, she was condemned to bear her cross alone.

Her main purpose for telling her story is out of concern for today’s abused children and for the benefit of others who may have had to endure similar atrocities and have not yet overcome the after effects of their ordeal.

Although this book is a story about a child, it is ironic that it is not fit for a child to read. Because of the sadism and the explicit descriptions of sexual perversions that it contains, its contents are definitely for “adults only.”


Co-written by Herbert Metoyer   Cover design y Herbert Metoyer       ISBN: 1-4134-3230-1 (Trade Paperback)
  Pages: 263.. Price: $18.69


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   Days Dawn

     An Anthology of Short Stories written by members of the Detroit Writer's Guild and published in 1996 during a time when it was difficult for budding Black authors to get published.



...Opulent, filled with inspirational magic. From compelling historical accounts and romances to the mystical and the humorous, Days Dawn is a testament to the grassroot efforts to promote literacy and literary talent. Many of its writers are future stars waiting to be discovered.

     Quite simply, It's a good read.  Steve Holsey, Entertainment Editor, The Michigan Chronicle (Detroit, MI)


.... A "Feast For The Soul." Impossible task to name a favorite or best story from among the 32 works. Each is unique. A powerful, enlightening look into the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people...  filled with hope and a strong undercurrent of family love and support. This anthology should stir pride in its Black readers and plant seeds of understanding in its White readers.   Joan Dyer Zinner, Managing Editor, Michigan Community Newspapers (Inkster, MI)

ISBN: 1-888754-03-6

Edited by Herbert Metoyer

Price $10.00 + $2 shipping

To Order: Mail Check or money order to:

Cane River Media

25785 Catalina  

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Coming soon. The saga of a Tuskegee P-51 pilot who was shot down over Germany during WorldWar II

Cover by Herbert R. Metoyer