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Cane River Genealogy

  The latest edition of the books Cane River Genealogy is now available. There are seven Cane River families represented as well as Clifton Choctaw Chronology, Clifton Cemetery Listings, St. Augustine Cemetery Listings, St. Augustine Catholic Church documents, church subscriptions, circa 1920, and more. The Metoyer genealogy alone includes over 400 pages.

 These new books are in two volumes and are over 844 pages including a 92 page index.

 The price is $35.95 per volume plus $5 shipping for both.

 Both volumes are also available at The Book Merchant in Natchitoches, Louisiana,

Genealogy of Carroll Jones and Catherine Clifton /  Genealogy of Gloucester (Pete) Terrell and Sarah Metoyer /   Genealogy of Adolph Prudhomme and Mae Mae /   Genealogy of Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer and CoinCoin .

In addition to the Metoyer descendents, this includes connections to the Guidry, Dupre(e), Chevalier, Goudeau, Colson, Llorens, Carrier, Conant, Beaudoin, Christophe, LaCour, Balthazar, Delphin, Sarpy, Daniel, Coutee(y), Severin, Moran, Cross, Curry, Aguillard, Rocques/Roque, Chelette, Monette, Rachal, Fontenot, Sylvie, Celestine, Kirkland, Mullone, LeGras, Cooper, Brossett, Dinet, Robert, Bellow/Below, St. Ville, Conde, Wilson, Marinovich, Sers, Warburg, Dubreuil, Neal, Gallion, Prudhomme, Martinez, Robeaux, Cloutier, LeMelle, Ives, Ray, Anty, Meziere, Beize, and many other families. This new book now contains an index. Soon to be added: The Marinovich & Beaudoin genealogies. I will enclose a current draft printout if requested.

Price: $35.95 + $5.00 S/H


Cane River and Its Creole Stories

(Currently, Out of Print)

   Bibliographical information on some of the early Cane River settlers, such as Carroll Jones, Claude Thomas  Pierre Metoyer, CoinCoin, the Prudhomme's, and Antoine Marinovich.

   Cane River Stories, a collection of stories relating to growing up on Cane River in the teens, 20s and 30s.  Interviews, essays, and letters all relating to Cane River. People born in the early part of the 20th century  wrote many of these.

   Cane River Recipes such as gumbo, teacakes, praline, etc.   Illustrations depicting Cane River in the twenties and thirties.    A brief description of our Choctaw heritage and an introduction to our Chinese roots.  The Last Will and Testament of Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer, a 16-page document outlining provisions  made for CoinCoin and the children this union produced.

   Illustrations of some 1950s Decorative Plates,    Copies of Old Maps,    Copies St. Augustine Church Documents,    The St. Augustine Church Cemetery Listings - This formerly sold as a separate item. An index is now included

Price: $30. + $6.00 S/H

Total price:  $30.00+$6.00 = $36.00


Cane River Creoles: The Photographs

(Currently, out of print)

  Over 205 pages of family photographs including many branches of the names listed above. This updated  version also now has an index.

Price: $25 + $6.00

Total Price $.25+$6.00=$31.00


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